One evening after work, I headed to happy hour with a group of coworkers. One of us had imbibed considerably more than the others, and developed a very loose tongue as a result. He told tales of his indulgence in an enlightened, yet underground American pastime - one where refined individuals come together and fulfill one another’s desires for companionship and camaraderie without judgement, guilt, or regret. I'd already known that such delicious leisure existed, but not so close to home; and certainly not in such a way that sounded so attractive.

I was coy; I feigned just a fleeting interest in "Andy"'s drunken confession; I giggled. I rolled my eyes; All to disguise an immediate burning to involve myself in this sophisticated celebration of delight. It was a little terrifying how acutely drawn to it I was. Later that night (in the privacy of my apartment, of course), I took to one of the websites he mentioned to learn more....And so began my journey.

I'm happy to report that I've evolved from inquisitive voyeur -- into someone you must have. Thank you "Andy," for your drunken confession...